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It is the right and responsibility of business owners to work hard and to make sure the business is competitive, profitable, and safe. One of the most disturbing and damaging forces in the workplace is employee drug abuse. Exclusive K9 Detection Services can help you discover if anyone is putting your company at Risk.

Our K9 detection teams are available for contract to search private and public businesses. Exclusive K9 Detection Services understands the health and safety issues regarding narcotics/alcohol in public facilities. Providing a drug/alcohol free workplace is a critical component in limiting liabilities and maintaining efficient productivity. Conducting periodic K9 searches will not only detect existing contraband, but also serve as an effective deterrent against future narcotics on the premises.

What to Expect with a Commercial Search?

Prior to arrival at your business, we call you to help devise a plan of action upon our arrival and discuss the following:
  • The best time to arrive. The type of business usually dictates the best time to do the search. Some companies prefer that the K9 team arrive during business hours so that employees can see the search taking place (reinforcing company policy). Some businesses prefer to take a more discrete approach and have the search conducted when the business is closed.
  • Handler’s attire. We will cater to the needs of your business and situation. Handlers can arrive in uniform or in plain street clothes.
  • Should employees be notified? It is recommended that your company have a policy stating that drug searches may be performed on the business premises. It is not recommended that employees be notified prior to a search.
  • Determining search areas. Exclusive K9 will work with your management team to determine the areas that need to be searched and the frequency of our visits. The scale of the search dictates the time involved and the cost of the search. For very large businesses additional K9 teams may be used.
Upon arrival the handler will meet your designated contact person and will be led on a preliminary tour of the search areas, leaving the canine in the vehicle. After the tour, the handler will discuss the plan of action, answer any questions and have you sign the Exclusive K9 agreement before the search begins.

The search. We require your representative accompany the K9 team throughout the search. If there is more than one K9 team, we require that you provide an observer for each team. The handler will lead the dog through each room in a designated pattern paying attention to signs that the dog is trained to display. The handler will mark all areas of dog alerts. This gives you the specific location where you can look for drugs or evidence of drugs once the search of all areas is complete. If requested, the handler will then observe the search for narcotics by the company representative. The handler will give general guidance to the representative of how and where to look but will not actually do the search. Keep in mind, the dog’s nose is so sensitive it may alert on residue of where drugs may have been previously stored, but the drugs may not be present at the time of the search.

If substances are found. Exclusive K9 personnel are strictly prohibited from removing any narcotics. We can provide disposal recommendations. If you would like a written report, we will provide one.

Rehabilitation Facility Searches

Exclusive K9 Detection Services has K9 detection teams available for contract to search rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, and halfway homes. We understand the safety needs of both staff and those recovering in treatment facilities. Our K9 detection teams can work with your current security process. Our contract program schedules regular visits at times requested by the facility. We keep searches discrete and do not interfere with daily treatments. This program maintains compliance and serves as a strong deterrent for concealing drugs on premises.

Need Our K9 Detection Services?

If you suspect there are illegal substances in your home, place of business, school, medical building, car, or another location, we’re here to help address the problem. Our K9 detection services are priced affordably, and not only are our dogs expertly trained to locate narcotics/alcohol, they are also well-mannered, and remain focused regardless of the surroundings they’re searching in.






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